Lab facilities

Here at Durham Psychology Department

We are lucky to have a large (8 x 5m), child-friendly movement and motion capture laboratory. This is fitted with 16 Vicon motion capture cameras, enabling high-precision tracking of body movement over a large area. This allows us to capture walking, obstacle avoidance, gesture, and reaching movements.

Integrated into this movement tracking system is virtual reality technology. We currently use an Oculus Rift headset to display immersive environments created in software packages such as Unity or Vizard. Using Vicon Pegasus software, we can also display a virtual body which mimics the movement of the real body in real-time. This enables us to study how features of the virtual body affect body ownership.

All facilities are child-friendly. We have an additional waiting room for children and their families, and a database of over 1000 local children who take part in our studies!

You can take a closer look at the facilities and some of our experimental procedures here: