Here you can get a closer experience of some of the projects I have conducted - enjoy!

Watch minutes 42-49 of this short BBC documentary to see some incredible research into human echolocation currently being conducted in our extensive movement lab facilities

Watch from minute 18 of this BBC children's science programme to see me discussing how children learn to walk and how walking develops from childhood into adulthood!

I recently co-organised a virtual meeting of the Body Representation Network. For more information please see our website.

The changing body: Body representations across the lifespan

Monday 12th July, 2021

One of our research assistants, Emerald Grimshaw, talks about her British Psychological Society internship conducting research into fake limb embodiment in virtual reality, and the challenges of research during COVID-19.

Here you can watch a video of myself, members of my lab group, and our collaborators at Goldsmith's University, explaining how we use our facilities to research children's body awareness, and what we hope to discover.

One of our many studies using motion capture and virtual reality software to further understand body representation.

An insight into what it looks like from a participant's point of view in one of our motion capture virtual reality studies!


Our vicon motion capture facilities in action.